ACAV - A2 Viscosity Meters

  • Best correlation to blade loads
  • Widest shear rate range – 100 – 10 millions 1/s
  • Widest viscosity range – up to 20 000 mPas
  • Ideal blade road
  • Less pumping, screening and coating problems
  • Easy to solve runnability problems

Importance of Measuring Full Range of Shear Rates

The viscosity is composed of different factors at different shear rates. Totally different factors formulate the viscosity at low and high shear rates.

Easy Routine Analysis

  1. Put a sample into the cylinder
  2. Start the measurement
  3. Read the results

The ACAV does the analysis automatically including printed results and the self cleans at the end of the test. Once the nine minutes cycle is over the ACAV is ready for the next sample.

Shear Rate = Speed of Coater/Thickness Coating Color Layer

Runnability Test of Coating Colors


  1. Coating color cost: Less 10 %
  2. Drying energy: Less 50 kWh/T
  3. Coater Speed increased from 900 to1200 m/min

The total runnability test takes only nine (9) minutes / coating color.

ACAV SLIT Technology

  • Slit geometry is similar to blade geometry.Two coated miniblades, 80 µm gap.
  • Flow rates as well as dwell times are equal to the coating process.
  • Better simulation of extensional viscosity and particle behavior under the blade.
  • Only tool to detect possible formation of agglomerates.
  • All major runnability problems can be seen in advance – bleeding, streaking, scratches, agglomerates problems in maintaining target coat weight etc. = Less breaks