Actiw LoadPlate was developed to meet customer demands for quick loading of standard cargo space: sea containers, trailers...

This solution is highly suitable for loading difficult cargo that is hard to containerise, or easily damaged, by conventional methods or that require special shipping containers.

It smoothly loads project deliveries of varying sizes, lengths, and weights.

The real economy of loading operations is increased by Actiw LoadPlate.

The use of cargo handling equipment can be minimised and human involvement within the site reduced.

The principle is simple, but unique. Loads are moved smoothly on a plate into the cargo space, (no fork lifts used) or slid along hard floors of cargo spaces. Risk of product damage is minimised and product quality is better ensured compared to traditional loading methods that use forklifts.

The unique Actiw LoadPlate features offer significant benefits for loading operations: efficiency and speed especially. A streamlined, whole loading process is possible which means increased profit possibilities.

Advantages of Actiw LoadPlate:

  • Standard cargo space:
    • No modifications in containers and trailers
  • No restrictions for cargoes:
    • Considered to be difficult for containerization, or susceptible to damage with conventional loading methods
  • Efficient loading of a wide assortment of cargoes:
    • Easy load forming
    • Fast one push in loading cycle
  • Gentle load handling
  • Increases the security of cargo handling operations
  • Maximised cargo space utilisation
  • Transportability within terminal area
  • Enables cargo unloading by Actiw LoadStrip
  • Creates remarkable operative savings:
    • Minimized labour and machinery costs
    • Damage free loading
    • Enables usage of DC containers instead of OT containers
    • Short turnaround time of cargo space
    • Supports loading operations at production
Actiw LoadPlate
Actiw LoadPlate
Actiw LoadPlate
Actiw LoadPlate