• Length of bottom frame about 14,2 m and width 2,5 m.
  • Length of transfer carriage about 12,2 m and width 2,6 m.
  • Load bearing capacity 40 tons.
  • During assembly the height is adjusted by the unitís legs according to the level of yardís surface.
  • LoadTransfer can be mounted on asphalt or concrete foundation.

Operation platform

  • At the end of LoadTransfer, providing access to open the doors of containers.
  • Zinc coated grating for outdoor use and equipped with painted railings and kickplates.
    Note: no railing and kickplate in front of container doors.

LoadTransfer is designed for the transfer of 40’ and 20’ sea containers.

Actiw LoadTransfer
Actiw LoadTransfer
Actiw LoadTransfer