ACA Systems was founded in 1985 and is located in eastern Finland, midst of the great lake area, in a little town called Polvijärvi, which is close to the university city of Joensuu, the capital of Northern Carelia. We are developing innovative, high-tech measuring instruments for laboratory and on-line as well, and also providing services for reliable quality control and operations improvement globally in the paper industry.

ACA Systems experts have a long and extensive experience of new solutions for better machine runnability and paper quality as well as for higher production and cost reduction. ACA has established a marketing and service organization in almost 20 countries around the globe.

ACA Systems is the leading supplier of coating color and paper porosity analyzers. Our products are well known all over the world in the paper industry as well as in the paper chemicals industry.

The main products are:

  • ACAV A2 Ultra High Shear Rate Viscometer;
  • ACAV A4 Viscometer;
  • Permi On-line Porosity Analyzer.