Hydraulic Automation

FluidHouse Oy is one of the leading suppliers of hydraulics systems for paper machinery in the world. Our expertise stems from over 30 years’ experience in implementing high-quality fluid automation solutions. The company invests in long-term and innovative product development in order to provide its customers with added value through new solutions based on the latest technology.

Extensive experience in designing and implementing demanding hydrau­lics, pneumatics and lubrication systems for the pulp and paper industry is one of FluidHouse’s strengths.

Fluid Monitor

The Fluid Monitor system creates the preconditions for comprehensive controllability of fluid power systems.

Fluid Monitor enables determining the causal connections between problems occurring in fluid power systems and production process.

Fluid Monitor can be used for monitoring fluid power system measuring values in real time (pressures, temperatures, oil quality values, etc.).

Fluid Monitor is a maintenance tool used for managing a fluid power system’s real-time measurement data, history data, reports and monitoring of various trends from a single data source.