Company Presentation

  • 1908: Hima Foundation by Johannes Hildebrandt. HIMA stands for Hildebrandt Mannheim.
  • 1970: 1st TÜV-certified safety system in the world: Planar P.
  • 1986: 1st TÜV-certified PES in the world: H50.
  • 1991: 1st TÜV-certified Reverse Compiler in the world.
  • 1997: 1st TÜV-certified 2oo4/QMR-system in the world: HIQuad. 1st TÜV-certified safety-related communication via Ethernet in the world: safeethernet.
  • 2002: The fastest SIL3 safety systems: HIMatrix.
  • 2003: 1st TÜV-verified SIL calculation tool in the world: SILence.
  • 2006: Leader in the development team for the FF-H1-SIS.
  • 2007: 1st Subsea HIPPS certified by TI Norway and TÜV.
  • 2008: Launch of HIMax system. 100-year-anniversary of HIMA.

Hima’s mission: Safety-Nonstop

  • HIMA solutions are protecting people, plants, machines and buildings worldwide.
  • HIMA solutions deliver uninterrupted nonstop – operation, permanent safety.
  • HIMA ensures that every aspect of the safety lifecycle is addressed
  • World’s first TÜV certified safety system.
  • More than 40 years of experience in the process safety industry.
  • More than 20.000 systems installed in more than 80 countries worldwide.
  • All systems fit-for-use in SIL3 applications and for integration to all DCS.
  • Market leader in Germany with 64% market share
  • Market leader in Europe with 38% market share
  • Worldwide nº3 supplier with 10% market share

Hima range of applications

  • Process Safety: ESD, Fire & Gas, BMS, HIPPS, TMC, Pipeline Automation & Protection
  • Machine Safety: Punching and Presses, Painting Systems, Assembly Systems, Conveyor Systems, Robot Cells, Amusement Rides, Lifts, Locks and Polders, Cableways
  • Building Safety: Airports, High-rise Blocks, Stadiums, Railway Stations, Shopping Centers
Johannes Hildebrandt
Hima’s mission: Safety-Nonstop
Process, Machine and Building Safety