Nowadays, and even more in the future, the manufacturing processes are strongly dependent on control and automation systems. The interruption or failure of such systems will induce serious damage to the industrial production, consequently provoking a loss of production or net losses on the quality of the final product.

Optieng supports its customers with a permanent engineering service, designing and implementing concepts related to production process and automation. Being a dynamic service provider with constant growth, Optieng can meet the needs of customers in a flexible and professional manner.

It's a service of assistance that allows customers to request the collaboration of our technicians at any time, with the objective to resolve any anomaly that may emerge in your equipment.

We offer a wide range of experience within our mutually complementary business areas.

We ensure that our customers always get the best possible solution, thanks to the knowledge we have acquired, our many years of experience and the latest technology as well as our innovative products. Thus, our customers can concentrate on their specific production without concerns while Optieng develops the project according to their needs.