Trial Oy was a workshop founded 1972. We have produced different washing solutions for the pulp- and paper industry for over three decades. The basis for our operation is professional staff, a customer friendly way of thinking and a long experience of the Finnish and international paper industry.

We are a 100% Finnish company and we use mainly Finnish raw materials from selected suppliers.

Our main products – shower pipes and nozzles – we produce ourselves from the beginning to the end at our workshop in Lohja, Finland. We offer a comprehensive solution for our customer’s needs, from problem analysis and planning to installation and operating training.

Shower pipes and nozzles planned appropriately for their purpose are a macro economically significant part of the process. They directly affect the quality of the final product, prolong the lifetime of fabrics and felts and reduce production stops and water consumption.

You can find Oy Trial Ab’s products in almost all Finnish pulp, paper and cardboard industries. Further more 46% of our turnover (year 2003) comes from export to Scandinavia, Middle Europe, Russia, South Africa and Asia.

Know how, an effective organisation and long-standing relationships to the raw material suppliers enable a flexible, tailor-made planning, short delivery time and a rapid spare part and maintenance service.