Esteri - Pneumatic Shower Oscillator

  • Reliable and maintenance free
  • External parts Aisi 316L
  • Smooth movement
  • Fast return - function
  • Returning to the reference point
  • Manual or electric remote speed control
  • Oscillator speed synchronization to the speed of the paper machine


  • There are a 5/2-main valve and two impulse valves in the controller. The impulse valves recognize the reversing point mechanically and control the main valve.
  • Speed adjustment can be done manually by adjusting a screw or automatically
  • Motion control is performed with a linear sensor or an impulse sensor

HASEGAWA - Shower Oscillator With Self Alignment

SL-3 B Series

  • Spherical bearing support system greatly reduces power consumption
  • Small 120W motor saves energy and space
  • Demonstrates superior durability even under severe conditions
  • For removing wire and felt contaminations with high pressure shower pipes
  • Increases operation efficiency for paper making machines
  • Ideal durability

Original spherical bearing support system

  • The oscillating body and drive unit are protected from abnormal load, like shower pipe strain, vibration, and possible changes in the installation points, by the spherical bearing support. This eliminates oscillator breakdown and increases service life.

Easy alignment to shower pipes

  • There is four standard directions (up, down, left and right) to install the oscillator on the shower pipe. The low friction pipe receivers with rollers are durable and easy to mount.

Designed to save energy and space

  • Due to the superior low friction mechanism, the oscillator enables use of a high performance low output small scale motor.
  • Compared with conventional oscillators, the small size and light weight of this device permits installation in very small spaces.

Reliable oil bath lubrication system

  • The lubrication for the drive unit is completely sealed to prevent any oil leakage. Superior wear resistance of the ceramic coating at the oscillating rod surface holds down rod wear.
  • Also, a stainless cover over the rod prevents external water and dust from adhering to the rod surface. This assures complete reliability.