The PROFIBUS-INspektor® NT monitors the logical data traffic as a passive data collector and gives alarm when first abnormalities are detected, not just when the plant already broke down.

Quality-related events, such as:
• Repeat telegrams
• Error telegrams
• Device diagnostics
• Device failures and restarts
• Bus cycle time
• Bus speed
are analysed, stored and evaluated for each device. The PB-INspektor® NT can be used as a temporary measuring tool, e.g. for commissioning and service or for permanent network monitoring.

As soon as a threshold value is exceeded the INspektor® gives an alarm and warns timely for aimed maintenance measures that are plannable now. An alarm list in the INspektor® provides detailed information about the error time, the device where the error occurred and the event (exceeded threshold value). The large memory space enables storing up to 2,000 alarms. Each alarm has a snapshot of 500 telegrams.

Your PROFIBUS topology is shown directly according to the INspektors® web interface. A plain overview of your network is provided showing immediately the current condition of all PROFIBUS nodes.



The Modular INspektor® of the INBLOX® series is a passive data collector analysing and evaluating logic and physical parameters both in PROFIBUS DP and PROFIBUS PA. Depending on the configuration it is also possible to evaluate a PROFIBUS master by which parameterization can be done according to FDT/DTM.
You have thus a means to monitor the field bus and the field devices in one single application.
Events that can be evaluated in the analysis are:
• quality characteristics through bar chart
• error telegrams
• repeat telegrams
• diagnostic messages of individual devices
• device failures
• oscilloscope function – assessment of bit form.

An integrated web server displays the network condition on every PC in form of a device-related matrix. It is also possible to store telegram recordings of events on a memory card and display the same separately.

The Modular INspektor® consists of a head module used for connection to the existing Ethernet. It can be extended by up to five modules. By combining diagnosis and parameterization saves cost and time for commissioning and maintenance.


INBLOX - PROFIBUS permanent network monitoring

The modular INBLOX® system offers multiple configuration options. Up to five expansion modules can be connected to the basic Ethernet head module. In the version as a modular INspektor®, the INBLOX® system allows for simultaneous monitoring of up to ten networks. Can analyse PROFIBUS DP networks, with expansion modules PROFIBUS PA networks and parametrisation via FDT/DTM.

DP DIAG REP X1 / X2 / X4
The DP Diag Rep X1 or X2 is used for logical network analysis at one or two existing SUB-D interfaces. Depending on the setting, each interface shall be used to either monitor a separate PROFIBUS network or activate the repeater function.
The DP Diag Rep X4 expansion allows to run up to four galvanically isolated PROFIBUS segments, one per connection terminal, and perform a logical network analysis. Depending on the configuration, the module is able to either subdivide a network into four segments for monitoring as a modular INspektor®, or structure a network in up to twenty segments as a modular repeater.

The PA Diag+ module is able to monitor, analyse and display two PROFIBUS PA systems simultaneously. It analyses both logical and physical parameters including all known quality parameters that also apply to PROFIBUS DP networks.
The DP Diag Master extension offers controller-independent remote access based on the FDT/DTM standards in addition to analysing the connected PROFIBUS network. As a class 2 master, it can be used to parametrise and configure devices and modules via Ethernet.

The alarm module, of the INBLOX® system have an alarm function that is activated by switching a potential-free contact. It is always wired as the last module and provides a separate switching contact as well as a digital reset input for each expansion module (max. 4). The statuses of the individual contacts are signalled with LEDs.

INBLOX - PROFIBUS permanent network monitoring

PROFInet-INspektor® NT

The PROFInet-INspektor® NT is a passive data collector that analyzes telegram traffic in PROFINET and Ethernet networks in terms of events like
• Utilization rate,
• Speed,
• Data throughput,
• Telegram jitter,
• Repeat telegrams,
• Error telegrams,
• Device diagnostics and
• Device failures.

This information reflects the current condition of the communication quality in the network concerned and provides the basis for a conditionbased maintenance. By storing data in the device events on the bus may also be traced and evaluated later. Due to an integrated web server the network status can be displayed on any PC by internet browser without requiring additional software.

It is recommended to install the PROFInet-INspektor® permanently in the network connection between controller and first IO device or switch, since the majority of communication merges typically in this connection.

PROFInet-INspektor® NT


Decentralized data logger ASi-INspektor®

The ASi-INspektor® is a passive data logger that analyses the telegrama traffic of ASi networks for events, such as:

• error telegrams,
• repeat telegrams,
• package error
• device diagnosis and
• device failures.

This information reflects the current status of the communication quality in ASi networks. All collected network data can be retrieved according to Ethernet using an integrated web interface.



The CANBUSview XL is a tool for determining the physical and logic communication quality of the data exchange in CAN networks. The measurement is performed online while the system is running. By means of an adapter the hardware is plugged feedback-free onto the CAN. The measuring and test results are displayed through a software on your PC.

Signal quality
The CAN bus works with a differential voltage signal transmitting the logic telegram content to the lines CAN-H and CAN-L. The amount of the voltage differential and the form of these signals are a measure of the physical transmission quality and signal quality. Every bit andergoes a 64-fold scan. Major parameters used for the analysis are edge steepness, signal-to-noise voltage ratio and ripple of the CAN signal. The measuring result is recorded over the time and as Q-value in the form of a bar chart.

Wiring test
To ensure a correct bus wiring, the CANBUSview XL has an integrated wiring test. Any line short-circuits, line break, missing or additional terminating resistor can be detected and eliminated. In addition the loop resistances of the CAN line and the CAN current supply line and the total line length are determined.

Logic quality determination
Parallel to the physical transfer quality determination the CANBUSview XL checks the telegram traffic for defective telegrams, missing acknowledgements and overload of bus devices as well as the general bus capacity utilization. The online trigger is used to analyse the communication quality over several days / weeks. This helps to detect sporadic communication faults and allocate the same to a certain period of time.


PRO manage NT

PROmanage® NT makes it possible for you to analyze and evaluate information on the condition of fieldbus systems and industrial networks and store it on the long haul. The information is transmitted to a central point to provide you an overview. Thus it is possible to get from this central software at any time information on the condition of the controlled fieldbus, incl. Ethernet.

PROmanage® NT queries all port statistics of the manageable switches and the results of the decentralised data collector (INspektors®) at minute intervals to evaluates them and displays them graphically. With this sophisticated analytical technique irregularities can be detected immediately and adjustable thresholds trigger an alarm.

Through this statistics function the data are available to the minute up to one year. Thus historic events, such as sporadic failures, can be tracked at any time and used for cause study.

PRO manage NT

Wireless Fieldbus PROFIBUS & PROFINET BLUambas®


The wireless system BLUambas® provides wireless data transmission in the fieldbus system PROFIBUS. Herewith mobile plant components or machines can be integrated simply into the system communication.
BLUambas® for PROFIBUS ensures a transmission speed of up to 1,5 Mbps. To build up a PROFIBUS radio link, one BLUambas® master module and at least one BLUambas® slave module are required. The maximum number of slave modules and PROFIBUS devices depends on the BLUambas® types.


The wireless system BLUambas® provides wireless data transmission in the fieldbus system PROFINET. Herewith mobile plant components or machines can be integrated simply into the system communication.
PROFINET Wireless provides for all update rates starting with 1 ms. To build up a wireless PROFINET system one BLUambas® master module and at least one BLUambas® slave module are required. The maximum number of slave modules and PROFINET I/O devices depends on the BLUambas® types. Each BLUambas® PROFINET module can be configured as a master module as well as a slave module.

BLUambas® PROFIBUS or PROFINET are the perfect alternative for slip rings and trailing cables but without mechanic wear. As seen from the perspective of the controller the wireless system acts like a cable.
BLUambas® is available with protection class IP20 or IP65 and can be freely selected within a radio link.

Wireless Fieldbus  PROFIBUS & PROFINET BLUambas®

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