Optieng in the Magazine - Semanário SOL

Optieng in the Magazine - Semanário SOL


What market does Optieng operate in and what services does it provide?
Our working market is essentially the Continuous Process Industry, that is, the industries that have a process of manufacturing 24 hours a day, in which the failure of an equipment can cause the whole manufacturing process to stop, for example the Pulp Mills, Paper Mills, Power Plants, Oil Refineries, Chemical Plants, among others. Our services are in the area of electrical automation that goes from the programming of control systems, installation, commissioning and testing of systems and support to the start-up of the production processes. We also have a working group to support business maintenance.
In the event of a breakdown, the customer can, through a telephone contact, request an emergency intervention, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What, in particular, is the company's number one goal?
Our number one goal is to improve the financial profitability of companies, that is, to optimize their manufacturing process. For this, we use specialists in each process area to perform process studies, benchmarking the manufacturing process and, if appropriate, present solutions to improve the manufacturing process:
> increase their speed,
> reduce chemical or energy consumption,
> reduce effluent emissions or atmospheric emissions, among others.

How does Optieng distinguish itself from other companies in the same business? Is customer support the foundation of the trust you create with your customers?
In our specific area of engineering, Optieng in Portugal today have a fairly large team and with employees with a very high know-how of the processes in which we work. In our field of activity, it is not enough to know how to program, it is very important to know in detail the operation of our client's production process, to know how a paper machine works, how to control the firing of a biomass boiler, how to control the chemical charge of the bleaching agents, etc. This knowledge in these branches of industry give us the willingness and confidence to intervene directly in the manufacturing processes. As today's automation systems are critical to the smooth running of continuous industrial processes, 24-hour customer support is critical to ensuring seamless production without interruption.

If you have any questions about our solutions and products, please contact us!