Optieng in Passendale Fromagerie Belgium

Metso reveals, once again, its confidence in the professionalism of the Optieng engineering team, awarding it with the installation and programming of the Metso DNA control system, thus being responsible for the system update, previously implemented at the Passendale Fromagerie factory.
Optieng will also be the responsible of the respective FAT test and commissioning of the installation. By collaborating in this international project, Optieng positions itself in a new market segment - the Food Industry.
The Passendale Fromagerie, founded 82 years ago and headquartered in Belgium, is a respected company in the manufacturing of cheese. Its history dates back to 1932, although the cheese was officially released around the 80s. Their recipe, inspired by local tradition, gives it a soft texture and an authentic taste, making this true "masterpiece" the second most sold cheese in the Belgian market.

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