Safety System for Alkylation - Sines Refinery

Optieng participated at Overall shutdown of Petrogal Sines Refinery, developing and configuring the new HIMA Safety System for Alkylation unit based on an Hiquad solution, according to high technical requirements and standard protocols IEC61511 and IEC61508 and the existing standards and specifications of Galp Energia.
This project had several stages such as pre-engineering, development and configuration, installation, commissioning and Start-up, functional tests and training:
- Pre-engineering: Unit functionality and survey of safety functional routines. Preparation of the algorithms according to the survey and the performed study. Optimization of the system operation according to customer requirements.
- Configuration and Developing: After the technical approval, the solution was developed, including all system configuration (new communication network, new controllers and logical functions) and programming of the new engineering servers.
- FAT (Factory Acceptance Test): At this stage all tests were realized according to the final objective, all logical functions, routines were tested in a simulator. All these tests were performed with success. Optieng get the final approve by the costumer for all solution.
- Functional Safety Tests: Optieng successfully performed all safety functional tests (SIF) for Alkylation unit.
Training: All maintenance supervisors of Alkylation unit were trained in order to use the new ELOPII 5.1 Software.
The Alkylation unit, unique in Portugal, produces the alkylated a gasoline component, and this is the result of the reaction between isobutene and butylene using hydrofluoric acid (HF) as a catalyzer.

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Safety System for Alkylation - Sines Refinery